National Grid: New 318 tonne transfomer delivered substation in Kent
Monday, May 22, 2017
A house-sized electricity transformer will be heading from the Port of Dover to National Grid’s Sellindge substation with a police escort.

At midnight on Sunday 28 May the transformer will leave the Port of Dover aboard a specialist delivery vehicle which is over 87 metres long. The transformer is expected to arrive at the Sellindge electricity substation at 7am on Monday 29 May.

Flanked by outriders from Kent Police the transformer will exit the Port of Dover at Union Street and will travel along the A20 to the Alkham Valley Road Junction (A260 – Canterbury Road). It will then continue along the A259 (Churchill Avenue) to access the M20 at junction 13.

It will exit the M20 at junction 9 and re-join it to travel back to junction 10. This is due to a weight restriction at this junction. The load will then leave the M20 at junction 10, travelling along the A20 and Church Lane before reaching Sellindge substation.

The A20 will be closed temporarily from Dover to the A260 exit. The road will be closed from 10pm on Sunday 28 May until 4am on Monday 29 May. A signed diversion route will be put in place.

Throughout its journey the vehicle will travel at approximately 12 miles an hour.  It’s so big that it needs two trucks, one at the back and one at the front, to propel it.

National Grid project engineer Alex Lloyd, said: “It’s our job to connect people to the energy they use and this delivery is part of that process.

“Once operational the transformer will change the voltage of electricity so it can be transported along local power lines and delivered to homes, businesses and community facilities.”

He added: “We’ll do all we can to make sure this delivery goes as smoothly as possible. If people could please avoid parking on the route – particularly on narrow areas – it will ensure we get the transformer from the Port of Dover to Sellindge substation as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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